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At St Thomas Hospital Kerala, we take pride in our commitment to compassionate care and unwavering dedication to medical excellence. As a renowned healthcare institution, we strive to improve lives and promote the well-being of our community through advanced healthcare services. Among our comprehensive array of Allied support services, our state-of-the-art Blood Bank stands as a pillar of strength, playing a crucial role in saving lives and ensuring patient welfare.

Our Blood Bank is a symbol of hope, equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by a team of highly skilled professionals. We understand the critical significance of timely and safe blood transfusions, and that's why our facilities maintain the highest standards of quality and safety.



Whether it's an emergency situation or planned medical procedures, our Blood Bank operates round the clock to provide a reliable supply of blood and blood products. With a robust inventory of blood types, meticulously screened for any potential risks, patients and their families can find solace in knowing that they are in safe hands.

In our endeavor to maintain a thriving and self-sufficient blood supply, we actively encourage voluntary blood donation drives, fostering a sense of community participation and responsibility. At St Thomas Hospital Kerala's Blood Bank, we believe that every drop of blood donated is a gift of life to those in need, and we remain resolute in our mission to save lives and serve our community with compassion and excellence.

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