Dept. of Radio Diagnosis and Imaging

At the Department of Radio Diagnosis and Imaging at STH Hospital in Chethipuzha, we take pride in offering state-of-the-art diagnostic services using cutting-edge technology and a team of highly skilled and experienced radiologists. Our commitment to providing accurate and timely diagnostic imaging services makes us a leading choice for patients and referring physicians alike. With a patient-centric approach, we strive to ensure your comfort and well-being throughout the diagnostic process.

Our department is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated imaging equipment, allowing us to deliver high-resolution and detailed images. Our advanced technology includes digital X-ray machines, CT scanners, MRI machines, ultrasound, and more. Our team of radiologists consists of board-certified specialists who bring extensive expertise and knowledge to accurately interpret your medical images. They work closely with other specialists to provide comprehensive diagnostic reports. With a focus on precision and accuracy, we ensure that your results are reliable and contribute to better diagnoses and treatment plans. Our Department of Radio Diagnosis and Imaging offers a wide range of imaging services.

Our digital X-ray systems offer high-quality images with minimal radiation exposure. This technology enables rapid image acquisition, aiding in swift diagnoses. Computed Tomography (CT): Our CT scanners provide detailed cross-sectional images of various body parts, assisting in the diagnosis of complex medical conditions. With our advanced MRI machines, we obtain clear and precise images to assess soft tissues, nerves, and bones, aiding in the detection of various health issues. Our ultrasound services use sound waves to create images of internal organs and structures, facilitating non-invasive evaluations. This real-time imaging technique allows us to visualize moving body structures, aiding in the diagnosis of conditions that require dynamic evaluation.

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