Giving Back to the Community: St Thomas Hospital Organizes Free Medical Camp and Blood Donation Event

The Free Medical Camp was an initiative to address the healthcare needs of those who lack access to regular medical facilities. A team of dedicated doctors, nurses, and medical staff from St Thomas Hospital worked tirelessly to provide comprehensive medical check-ups, consultations, and essential medications to hundreds of patients throughout the day. The camp catered to a wide range of health issues, from general ailments to chronic conditions, offering diagnosis and valuable health advice.

The Free Medical Camp and Blood Donation Drive in Podipara showcased the true essence of community service and altruism. St Thomas Hospital's commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and its dedication to saving lives were evident throughout the event. As the camp concluded on a positive note, the hospital administration assured the residents of Podipara that they would continue such initiatives regularly, reaffirming their pledge to prioritize the welfare of the community. St Thomas Hospital remains committed to serving and giving back to the communities.

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