Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition Therapy (CNT) is a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their associated symptoms via the use of a specifically tailored diet devised and monitored by a medical registered dietitian. In other words, it is dietary modification for conditions or diseases that respond to nutrition intervention. CNT aims to keep a healthy energy balance in patients, as well as providing sufficient amounts other nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. The diet is based upon the patient's medical record, physical examination, functional examination and dietary history.

Our skilled Registered Dietitian (RD) offer outpatient nutrition counseling that includes individualized nutrition assessment, diagnosis and intervention. After the initial assessment,the registered dietitian monitors and evaluates the patient’s progress on the targeted nutrition plan. Nutrition education for disease prevention and nutrition counseling for chronic conditions are provided over a series of visits. This nutrition counseling is an essential component of a comprehensive health care program.

Nutrition education for disease prevention and nutrition counseling for chronic conditions are essential components of a comprehensive disease management and wellness program. This information provided by registered dietitian can improve a patient’s overall health and well-being with important changes in dietary and lifestyle habits.

  •  Counseling and education on appropriate diets and nutritional needs
  •  Kidney diseases
  •  Cardiovascular diseases
  •  Metabolic Disorders (eg: Diabetes Mellitus)
  •  Gastrointestinal diseases
  •  Information on supplements, vitamins, minerals and nutrition-related complementary therapies
  •  Disorders of lipid metabolism
  •  Hypertension
  •  Nutrition care to help maintain growth and development in pediatric patients
  •  Pregnancy
  •  Weight loss, weight maintenance or weight gain strategies
  •  Unintended weight loss in older adults

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