St. Thomas Institute of Research on Venous Diseases

Inaugurated by Dr M S Valiathan on 7th April 2010 with a fully operational OP clinic and theater. Contact for consultation or for further review.


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This is an exclusive Centre for offering modern treatment for diseases associated with the venous system. This is working in collaboration with the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, the prestigious biotechnology institute of India (Science & Technology Dept, Govt. of India). We are engaged in advanced research and studies at par with international standards to impart better knowledge in the field of Phlebology (Venous Studies), whereby we can offer better services to the suffering fellowmen by improving the quality of life.

About the treatment

There are various techniques followed for the treatment of varicose veins. The commonly used procedures are grouped into two. The first one is the commonly practised open surgical techniques like Trendelenburg’s operation combined with vein stripping or multiple ligation/excision of superficial veins. The second group is generally called “minimally invasive procedures” as they help to avoid very long hospital stay and the unsightly scars. Patients can have normal activities and go to work early. It helps to reduce the pain of surgery, cost of surgery and loss of family income.

Unlike what is being practiced throughout the world for the procedure of Microfoam Sclerotherapy (MFST), we differ in the principle of the technique of the procedure and made it more physiological by making a little modification to benefit the patient with better outcome and speedy recovery. Sclerotherapy is generally used as the procedure for ablation of veins by using a chemical solution. The chemical solution is mixed with water and air in a certain proportion and agitated in syringes to make microfoam. The microfoam thus produced is administered into the veins at selected points. The inner lining of the veins due to chemical burn gets sclerosed and scarred with fibrosis and the vein lumen gets obliterated. In our procedure selection of the site and size of the veins are totally different from the conventional or classical sclerotherapeutic technique and hence called Modified Microfoam Sclerotherapy or more precisely termed a “Chemical Bombing”.

The Researcher

Dr. N. Radhakrishnan, MS, FAIS, FIAMS -